23Sep, 2019

Magic and Jewett Orthopaedic Team Up to Beautify Habitat for Humanity Home

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ORLANDO – Lending a helping hand to families in need always puts smiles on the faces of Nick Anderson and Bo Outlaw, the Orlando Magic’s Community Ambassadors.There are many reasons why being out in the community as often they are makes them so happy, they both say, but what tops the list is just simply knowing the positive impact it makes on those being assisted. Thursday’s Magic volunteer project is a great example. Anderson and Outlaw, along with many other volunteers from the Magic and Jewett Orthopaedic, were at Silver […]

9Nov, 2017

Platelet-rich Plasma ( PRP ): A Non-operative Alternative for your Injuries

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During the past 10 years, the sports medicine community has increased the use of non-operative treatments for musculoskeletal injuries. You may have even heard news reports of professional athletes pursuing non-operative treatments to try to avoid surgery and speed up the healing process of their injuries. There are several non-operative alternatives, but the one that has gained the most attention in recent years is platelet-rich plasma (PRP), an evolving treatment modality where a concentrated platelet preparation of a patient’s own blood is made through centrifugation and separation. It is then […]

6Nov, 2017

29 Years & Counting!

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We are proud & honored to keep the Orlando Magic in the game for 29 years & counting! “When we came to Orlando in 1989, we needed a dedicated, talented team of physicians who understood our unique needs, and Jewett was the natural choice,” says Richard DeVos, owner of the Orlando Magic. “They have been behind us every step of the way, helping our players stay healthy and achieve peak performance.” Since the establishment of Jewett’s Sports Medicine Center in 1985, sports teams and athletes throughout Central Florida have turned […]