Bahamian Hurricane Relief Efforts & Supply Drive

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The damage and impact caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas has been devastating, and its path continues to affect our team members, families, & community.  We are proud to say our physicians and staff have responded with compassion and immediate action.  Jewett Orthopaedic has a long-standing history of providing support during times of need, and it is our privilege to do what we can to help those impacted by the storm.

Jewett Orthopaedic is proud to partner with local organizations to help supply relief items and support recovery efforts. Currently  a few team members are preparing a large shipment of emergency medical supplies to be delivered to Bahamian hospitals in need. Also, for the month of September all Jewett locations will serve as a drop-off location for collecting relief supplies for the Bahamas.  All Supplies collected by our locations will be donated to Air Unlimited for immediate delivery.

Signage and collection boxes for donations will be delivered to each location the beginning of this week.

• • •
At this time, immediate supply donation needs are: (Full List is Attached)
– Batteries / AA + AAA
– Flash lights / Headlamps
– Solar-powered phone chargers
– Generators
– Coolers
– Blue tarps
– Rolls of plastic sheeting
– Work gloves / work boots
– Staple guns / staples
– Sleeping bags
– Chainsaws
– Water purification tablets
– Large water jugs
– Bottled water
– Medical Supplies / First Aid
– Feminine products / baby products/ basic toiletries


Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this devastating storm. Your contributions & support will go such a long way in helping so many shattered lives.  


What can you do to help?

1. Do not return those hurricane supplies and DONATE them!
2. Donate monetarily —Click Here for Donation link
3. Lots of prayers and thoughts to those affected by this horrific storm!

Thank you to all of our friends throughout our community for your hard work & having the resources to organize this incredible aid!