Jewett Sports Medicine Center Continuing to Build on a Legacy of Excellence

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For more than eight decades the name Jewett has been synonymous with quality and comprehensive orthopedic care in Central Florida. Dr. Eugene L. Jewett based the clinic on a foundation of excellent physicians meeting the needs of their community. And, as over time those needs have changed and grown, so too has Jewett Orthopedic Center. Whether it’s a Little League pitcher a soccer mom a professional athlete or an active senior citizen, Jewett is well poised to handle orthopaedic and sports medicine demands no mater the age or scope. From knee replacements, to ACL repair to physical therapy, Jewett has been and continues to be the go-to orthopedic practice ready to assist and get patients back on their feet. And, as Central Florida grows, so to is Jewett, expanding and adding physicians and clinicians to ensure that no matter where you are located, Jewett is right in your backyard.

Hometown Team 

As the team physicians for the Orlando Magic, Orlando Solar Bears, University of Central Florida, Rollins College and the Orlando Ballet, Jewett works with athletes in the community from recreational to professional in scope which provides the clinic with a unique approach to treating athletes at any level.


“We treat every patient with the goal to get them back to their highest level of performance,” says Craig Mintzer, MD who serves as head team physician for the Orlando Magic and Rollins College. “Everyone wants to get back to the best of what they want to do. But, the techniques we use and the knowledge we have from working with professional and amateur athletes can all be applied to our community patients.”


As Dr. Mintzer describes, caring for a professional athlete has an incredible impact on the care and possibilities available to the average patient in need of sports medicine care.

“There is nothing out there that we don’t know about when it comes to sports medicine,” says Dr. Mintzer. “When you work regularly with professional athletes you are on the cutting edge of everything that is current. We are continuously in contact with the world’s leading experts in various sports medicine techniques. Our job as hometown physicians is to then take that knowledge that is out there, synthesize it, decide what is best for our patients and pass along our expertise as we develop their own individualized care plan.”

Expanding the Sports Medicine Footprint

Currently of the 30 physicians on the Jewett orthopaedic team, 13 are specialized in sports medicine. Already located at 10 facilities and three walk-in clinics throughout Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties, the next few months is bringing an explosion of growth to the organization.
In July, Jewett opened it’s new Windermere office, located at 5151 Winter Garden Vineland Road. The state of the art orthopedic facility located right in the heart of Windermere & steps away from the new high school.

On September 1, Jewett will expand into Lake County with the opening of a clinic in Lady Lakes. The facility will provide Lady Lakes and surrounding communities like The Villages, with orthopaedic care, right in their backyard without having to travel to Orlando. The Altamonte Springs clinic, slated to one this fall will bring an additional two physicians on board. And, that’s just the start. According to Michael Jablonski, MD, president of Jewett Orthopaedic, the master plan in 2018 includes expanding services into Celebration and Volusia County.


“We are growing significantly to keep up with the growing need here in Central Florida for orthopaedic and sports medicine services,” says Michael Jablonski, MD. “In addition to our Windermere, Lady Lakes and Altamonte Springs locations we are looking to add another 22 physicians in Celebration and Volusia County in 2018. From an expansion standpoint, we want to provide better access for patients, so they don’t have to travel as far for excellent care. Growth is important for the care we can provide and benefits our patients in the long run.”

The Jewett Vision and Legacy

For Jewett’s Chief Executive Officer Chad Wiggins, who recently took the helm, it’s an exciting time to come on board as an employee and patient.

“The vision of Jewett, from the start 82 years ago, has always been to provide access to the best orthopaedic services,” explains Wiggins. “We are doing that by looking at the growth throughout Central Florida and moving our services into those communities. This way we can maintain tremendous access for our patients as areas grow and at the same time bring a center of excellence approach to our clinics.”


Community focus has been the foundation that Jewett was built on back in 1936 and is continuing to grow upon in 2017.

“Giving back to this community is what Dr. Eugene Jewett established this clinic on and that is what continues to drive us today,”  says Dr. Jablonski. “We want to give back to this community by providing services where our patients need them, by having a presence in our local high schools and in the professional arenas, which ultimately benefits all patients who want cutting edge orthopaedic care.”

“When you say the Jewett Clinic, it represents a legacy of excellence,” adds Dr. Mintzer. “There is a hip fracture device named for Dr. Jewett, there is the Jewett Nail, the Jewett Brace. It was Jewett surgeon Dr. Allen Lacey who performed the first total knee replacement surgery in the state of Florida. Dr. Carl Croft was the first to perform anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) surgery in the southeast. We have been and continue to be on the cutting edge of treatments. That is what patients want and what patients deserve. Currently we have more than 250,000 patient visits a year and as we prepare for that number to climb we want to ensure patients continue to have access to the best treatments available.”