Physician Q&A Feature – Dr. Craig Mintzer

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Craig M. Mintzer, M.D., MBA | Shoulder and Knee Specialist

Some people simply don’t like the cold, and Dr. Craig Mintzer, M.B.A., is one of them. Originally from the Bronx, Dr. Mintzer attended Princeton and Harvard for undergraduate and Medical school, and did his residency and fellowship at Brigham Women’s Hospital. But after living in Boston for 12 years, he and his wife were both “tired of being cold.” Now Dr. Mintzer has been with Jewett for 20 years and so far isn’t tired of the humidity.
He likes the fact that Jewett is historic, as it’s been in Central Florida for 80 years. He also enjoys that it’s a major part of the community, as he and Jewett take care of Rollins College in Winter Park and many other local high schools. Dr. Mintzer is also the team physician for the Orlando Magic, making him even more a part of what brings Central Florida together.

What do you do as a doctor for the Magic?

“I sit on the bench [and] I take care of their day to day medical needs. So you’re always responsible [for the players] even in the summertime. Even if I go away, which I really never go away, they call you 24/7 no matter what; just to run stuff by you, they have questions, they need something done, they need a contact.“

Do you have any influence on the team?

“You help decide who a team drafts for the NBA draft because you go to Chicago, [and] they have a combine there where all the players come and we examine everyone of them. We go through all their medical history, do imaging of them, and then essentially you generate a report and a grade and you bring that back to the general manager and president of the team and you have meetings with them to see if the players are healthy enough to get drafted. What are their Achilles’ Heels? What could be a problem, if there is a problem? How dire is it? Might they need surgery, how much game would they miss? Blah blah blah that kind of stuff. And they ask you that stuff. And that’s outside of your regular practice.”

What is it like working with the Magic?

“It’s fun here because I’ve been taking care of the Magic now for 13 years and it’s something that a lot of people don’t get to say. Being part of a professional organization like that is cool. The other nice part about it is when you’re associated/affiliated with a professional organization like that you call any world famous person who is in medicine and you say, “It’s Craig Mintzer from the Orlando Magic, I got a question.” They call you back or they pick up. So you generate this network of people that you read the articles, you know who they are, but actually get to know them as a person because there are not many elite athletes in the world. And there are a handful of ultra famous physicians that take care of them and you get to tap into them and you can call them and ask them stuff and they get to know. So that’s kind of cool.“

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Article by: Katherine Beckner